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JAMAL جمــــال

A young boy in Aswan passionate with the arts, finds a chance to explore his new-found skill of photography with a left-behind camera. His pursuit of the camera is faced with a traditional uncle and a degree of expected conformity that he's seemingly defying. This is a story about his struggle with that conformity in the picturesque island of Heissa, Aswan.

in pre-production


WA AGAMI وعجـمي

in post-production


A story about the rise and fall of the coastal gem (Agami) that once was. An iconic place near the beach a once deserted white sand haven with fig trees on the Mediterranean. What's happening in Agami is a microcosm of what's happening in Egypt. How it morphed and changed over the years to an abysmal state today. The story as it wants to be told be those who've lived and saw these changes and an attempt to understand why this recurring theme of destruction happens throughout the coasts of Egypt and why preserving such places isn't happening and proving to be harder with time.

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