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Drifter Films is Hani R. Eskander's independent film label. While breaking away from his work in TV production, he found refuge in writing, shooting and directing his own films. Eskander is a passionate filmmaker and enjoys multi-tasking... He believes in the power of films to inspire, provoke, cause debate and change people's minds... and strongly counters the production model of BIG CREW and BIG EQUIPMENT to create the simple stories, which are meant to be told. After working professionally, in Egypt, as First Assistant Director in numerous TV and online advertising campaigns for big brands and later on, post-revolution, he worked on big TV shows such as "El Bernameg", "Amreeka Bel 'Araby" and "Ramadan Galak". Eskander later decided to create a balance between his freelance roles in the media industry (camera operator, executive director, producer) and his passion to have a more loose guerrilla-approach to film-making, where he enjoys finding a story, writing, capturing, editing and directing films that he believes stem more from passion and less for commercial gain.


His diverse experience in advertising, TV programs and Documentaries as assistant director, producer, camera operator and director has made him a director with diverse styles, always understanding the client’s needs and delivering on-time with high attention to detail.


Key Projects:

El Bernameg, Amreeka Bel 3araby, Redbull Ads, Chevrolet Ad, Americana Ad,

Coca Cola Smile Campaign, Etisalat Campaign, Fresh Corporate Video, FAB Bank Launch Ad

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