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a story of an orthopedic surgeon from Agami and how his close relationship to the sea, philosophy of life, firm principles and passion for woodwork led him to rediscover his true potential away from what most societies call success routes. On his journey he encounters kindred spirits who flock together in pursuit of happiness, freedom and self-expression.

قصة جـراح عـظام من العجمي و كيف أدّى حبّه للبحر، فلـسفته الحـياتـية، مبـادئـه الراسـخة و حبّه للخـشـب إلي توجُهِـه المختـلف لنـوع آخـر من النجـاح، غيـر النجـاح المألـوف عـادهً... خـلال رحلـته يقـابل شخصيـتين يشـاركونـه نفـس التفـكيـر و يعـملون معاً للوصـول للسـعادة، الحرية و التعـبير الذاتـي

Featuring Shahir Maged, Floriane Kalz & Ahmed Galal
Music Score by Ali Sédky, Gaser El Safty & Karim El Zanfally
Sound Edit by Adham Zidan
Online Editor Mohamed Saadany
Color Grading by Sherif Fathy
Poster Photography by Youssef Tayeh
Additional Photography by Ramy Zaghloul
Trailer Edit by Omar Sami
Shot, Edited, Produced and Directed by Hani R. Eskander

DRIFTERS رحّــالة


45 mins

WATCH Drifters Trailer

تريلر فيلم رحّــالة

WATCH Full Movie (Eng. subs)

شـاهد الفيلم الآن

Oh My! Oh Agami! عيني عليك يا عجمي

5 mins


This short visual poem is a nostalgic take on how Agami was and how it became and to question, where is Agami heading? This is a cry for help, to help shed light on a pressing issue that needs urgent intervention to save what's left of the beautiful coastal gem

قصيدة مصّورة للشاعر محمد الطايف السوهاجي الأصل و من ساكني العجمي منذ طفولته التي يستذكرها و ينعي الحالة التي وصل بها العجمي اليوم من خراب

Written & Delivered by Mohamed El Tayef
Music Score by Ali Sédky
Shot, Edited, Produced and Directed by Hani R. Eskander

WATCH Oh My! Oh Agami! عيني عليك يا عجمـي

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